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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Remember These Dramas? Part 2

Well last time we talk about how the latin dramas barged in malaysia's entertaiment arena. As of today, this post will provide you an insight on the Filipinos dramas that is used to be part of everyone favourite things to watch list. "Pangako Sayo" is one of them. Apart from being a little bit on the nonsensical side, Pangako Sayo offers dreams and wishes of what a modern day cinderella would hope for. The drama also features the traditional,streotypical asian mother of the boyfriend that cannnot accept the fact that her future daughter in law is living in the dirt poor area of Manila. Nevertheless the love of Yna Macaspac (played by the ever so lovely Kristine Hermosa) and Angelo Buenavista (portrayed by Jericho Rosales) survived despite the bitter life that they have to go through. Pangako Sayo garnered Malaysian attention for its actors and actresses. Jericho Rosales and Kristin Hermosa name bloomed and their popularity are unimaginable at certain point (too hyperbolic).
Pangako Sayo (aren't them lookin lovely right there) 
"Bituin" is another Filipinos soap Drama that won hearts of Million Malaysians. Unlike "Pangako Sayo", "Bituin" stresses the story of desperation and how a mother of 2 daughters sacrificed to save the life of her daughter. The story goes as Laura Sandoval (Nora Aunor) who lived a very simple life encountered a situation where she had to save the life of one of her daughter, Melody (Carol Banawa)who fall ill by giving another daughter of her Bernadette ( Desiree Del Valle) to her rich half sisters as a token for saving Melody. From that point on the story spinned off. Bernadette becomes a singer after living in America for years. Melody who also have a beautiful voice is also aspired to be a singer. The worst thing is both of them fall in love with the same men. What a story!!!. and the rest of it is history.
Bituin (star)
the main cast ; left : Carol Banawa  , right  :  Desiree del valle
There are many other Filipino's drama which are not told in today's post. Well, what i can say is search for it. some of them are Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas,'Til Death Do Us Part,Mara Clara and many more. Dr Google will always be there for you hihi... hmm that's it for today's post and Goodbye as Filipinos says Paalam!!!!

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